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Non-Critical Car Components You Should Still Get Repaired

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Cars are full of essential components that must be repaired if they break down, but it's not merely the most important parts or your car that should be fixed when they malfunction. Here are some non-critical components that you should still have repaired or replaced if they break down.

Failed Power Window Motor

Window motors are the mechanisms that make power-operated windows actually go up and down. You won't be at an increased risk of an accident if this fails, and you even can have a mechanic manually put up your window if the motor fails while your car window is lowered. 
However, if your car's window motor breaks down, driving your car will be a lot less convenient. At the very least, you won't be able to lower that window during nice weather. If the window is your driver's door window, you'll also have to open the door anytime you need to pay a toll or use an automated machine at a parking lot.
A broken power window motor is simple to diagnose and easy to fix. If yours doesn't work, get it fixed at a time that's convenient.

Low Air Conditioning Coolant

If your air conditioner's blower works fine but the air that comes out is warm, the air conditioning system is likely low on coolant. Many cars lose coolant over time, and older cars may develop leaks in the air conditioning system that accelerate the loss of coolant.
You can drive around your car without air conditioning with no mechanical problems; in fact, vehicles didn't come with air conditioning until years after they were invented. When the weather is warm, however, you probably want to avoid sitting in a hot car. Even with the windows down, you can sweat on hot days - which not only is uncomfortable but can also lead to body odor and unsightly clothes.
In most cases, cars that have low air conditioning coolant can be easily recharged. Mechanics simply hook up a pressurized canister of the appropriate coolant and reinject the system with coolant. The process doesn't take long, and no parts actually need to be replaced.
Models made before 1995 can't have their coolant recharged, though. Pre-1995 vehicles use R12 coolant, which is no longer manufactured. If you drive a vehicle this old and the air conditioning blows warm air, you either need to go without air conditioning or have the entire system replaced. A full replacement is a much more involved repair.

Broken Trunk Lock

A broken trunk lock is merely a matter of inconvenience, and sometimes it may not even be that big of a problem. You can either use a wireless key fob or your car's in-cabin trunk release to open the trunk when you need to.
Moreover, the trunk might not actually be broken, even if you have problems. Some cars have a valet key that can't open the trunk, so make sure you aren't accidentally trying to open the trunk with this type of key. Try another car key to see whether the issue is that you have a valet key or that the trunk lock is truly broken.
If your car's trunk lock is broken, you should still get it repaired before selling or trading-in the vehicle. A broken trunk lock will adversely affect your vehicle's condition and value, reducing how much you can get when you sell it. Buyers will likely bring the issue up when they negotiate for a price.
A mechanic can replace your trunk's lock with a new one that works properly, although it may have to be keyed for your car keys.
If your car needs any of these non-vital parts repaired, or any other service, make an appointment with Kell Radiator Service to get the car service that needs to be done.